Saturday, November 17, 2018

Irish Folktales

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Northern Nigeria (Hausa People)

The Spider, the Guinea-fowl, and the Francolin: A Hausa Folktale

This folktale of the Hausa people tells the story of the spider, who managed to trick the Guinea-Fowl but not the Francolin.  The Francolin asked the...

Paddy Kelleher’s Burial: A Folktale of Lissavoura, Ireland

This folktale from Lissavoura tells the tale of Paddy Kelleher, who was buried well before his time.  One morning, Paddy Kelleher was standing by the side...

The Magic Quern: A Folktale of Knockanes, Ireland

This folktale from Knockanes tells the tale of Tom Coghlan, who acquired a magical quern from a Redcap. Tom Coghlan one evening returned to his house, expecting...