Thursday, January 17, 2019

Irish Folktales

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Calabar Nigeria - Folkli

How a Hunter Got Out of Repaying a Debt: A Folktale of Calabar

This folktale from Calabar tells the tale of Effiong, a hunter who played a trick on his friends to get out of debt.  Many years...
Cross River State Nigeria - Folkli

The Tortoise with a Pretty Daughter: A Efik Folktale

This Efik folktale tells the tale of the tortoise, wisest of all beasts and men, who married his daughter to a wealthy prince. There was once...
Northern Nigeria (Hausa People)

The Spider Which Bought a Dog As a Slave: A Hausa Folktale

This folktale of the Hausa people tells the story of the Spider, who bought a Dog as a slave and learned to regret it.  One...