Monday, September 24, 2018

Irish Folktales

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Mangerton Mountain, County Kerry

The Lucky Spansel: A Folktale of Mangerton Mountain, Ireland

This folktale from Mangerton Mountain tells the tale of Billy Thompson who sought to get back his stolen cow. There was once a poor man...
Eagles Nest Killarney Ireland - Folkli

Stealing Eaglets: A Folktale from Eagle’s Nest, Ireland

This folktale from Eagle's Nest, Killarney park, tells the tale of a soldier who tried to steal the eaglets, but met the old eagle instead. The...

Spansel Wood: A Folktale of Oak Island, Ireland

This folktale from Oak Island tells the tale of Tom Sullivan and Peggy Curtin, who received the aid of O'Donoghue. Tim Curtin was a comfortable farmer who lived...