Stealing Eaglets: A Folktale from Eagle’s Nest, Ireland

Eagles Nest Killarney Ireland - Folkli
Pinpoint Location: Eagle’s Nest, County Kerry / Map data ©2018 Google

This folktale from Eagle’s Nest, Killarney park, tells the tale of a soldier who tried to steal the eaglets, but met the old eagle instead.

The eagle’s nest is located on the face of the white rock, and without any doubt a hard job to reach. But one day, a soldier decided to rob the nest, and take away the young little eagles. “It may be a rough climb, but I’ll rob it” he proclaimed.

The eagle heard every word the soldier said, so he pretended to fly away. When the soldier saw the eagle leave, he lets himself down from the top of the cliff by a big rope, till he came opposite the nest.

But, just as the soldier was going to lay his hand on the young birds, the old eagle descended from a thunderous cloud.

“What brings you to my nest?” the eagle asked.

“Nothing at all,” the soldier replied, amazed to hear the eagle speak, and frightened at the sight of his two bright eyes, with the hooked beak between them. “I just wanted to pay my respects to the young eagles.”

“Lies!” the eagle roared, “You wished rob my nest and steal my children. But to be sure, I’ll ask a neighbour of mine that lives in the hollow. Mistress Echo, did this fellow come to rob the eagle’s nest?”

“To rob the eagle’s nest,” Mistress Echo replied.

“Did you hear that, you villain? the eagle said, but the soldier, without waiting to answer, began to climb his rope as fast as he could.

“Not so fast,” the eagle said, “I’ll show you the shortest way home.”

So the eagle gave the thief a clink over the head with one of his wings, and then with a kick of his claw sent him down into the river. No-one else tried to rob the eagles of their young ones, from that day to this.

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